When Rice Shakes The World (ebook) - Milo Hamilton

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When Rice Shakes The World (ebook) - Milo Hamilton

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For millennia, rice has sealed the fate of dynasties and kingdoms in Asia but has only remained a cultural curiosity to Western financial markets.

Today the food and agricultural markets of India and China are in motion. The history of agricultural change is littered with hunger, poverty and failure. Will that curse pass itself on to this Asian generation? Or is there a brighter future ahead of us?

About the author: For three decades Milo Hamilton has covered the world of rice for his customers. For 18 years he bought rice for Uncle Ben’s Inc., a Mars Incorporated company. For the last 14 years, his company, Firstgrain.com, has published a weekly newsletter that advises sophisticated rice firms and farmers on the market and its relationship to everything else. He has travelled throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Milo Hamilton lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Jan, and his little Pomeranian, Penney.