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LRI - Providing the tools to support risk management in rice

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Live Rice Index (LRI) is a global provider of information on the rice industry and a leading source of benchmark price assessments for rice. Since 2011, the Live Rice Index has provided accurate information and insights that assist our readers in making sound trading and business decisions whilst enabling the world’s rice markets to operate with greater transparency and efficiency. Read more about us here.

The value of accurate market intelligence

It is a competitive market: Whatever your involvement in the rice industry, this commodity market is characterised by international competition and significant exposure to price and counterparty risk. There are many uncontrollable factors which can threaten the continuity of your supply or create demand shocks to which you must react. Mitigating exposure to these risks is a growing concern for the rice trade.

Information is valuable: Having accurate market information and data at your disposal can give you an advantage over your competitors, assist you in managing your exposure to risk, help you to negotiate more competitive prices and allow for a more sophisticated planning horizon.

Not all information is equal: We live in an "information age", with the internet providing us greater access to information than ever before. However, most "free" information comes at a cost. The provider of the information is often gaining something in return and may have a position that they are trying to protect.

How to judge the quality of your information:

Ask yourself these questions:

Can you trust it? Is it transparent, reliable and accurate? Has it been cross-checked and considered by someone with knowledge of the rice industry?

Is it independent and impartial? Who is providing the information and what is their position in the market?

LRI = Quality: Only with LRI can you be sure that you are receiving an impartial, independent view of the rice market that has been produced to a consistent and transparent methodology. This means with LRI you can trust the information you use to help you in making important decisions. Read more about our vision and principles here.

Who should subscribe?

We have three subscription types available to ensure that whatever your role in the rice market there is a level of access to suit you.


Complete market coverage: For businesses who want all the latest rice market news as it happens. Coverage includes Daily Price Assessments and the supporting LRI Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports. Upon accepting the appropriate license, users can download a CSV of the complete LRI Price History. This subscription allows full web access for unlimited users, so every member of your staff can have their own LRI account at no additional cost. How to activate a corporate code


Regular market updates: For individuals who need to be regularly in touch with movements of the rice market but don’t require daily price updates and reports. Coverage includes Weekly Price Assessments and the supporting LRI Weekly and Monthly reports. Upon accepting the appropriate license, users can download a CSV of the LRI Weekly Price Assessment History. This subscription allows limited web access for a Single User only.


A Rice Industry Overview: For individuals who have an interest in the rice market and require an overview of price fluctuations on a monthly basis. Coverage includes a Monthly Price Summary and the supporting LRI Monthly reports and timeline. This subscription allows restricted web access for a Single User only.

Benefits of an LRI Subscription

Price Assessments & Price Graphs:

Transparent, accurate and independent rice prices assessments:

LRI has published rice price assessments since 2011, each supported by a distinct methodology. Use our analytics tools to compare prices of multiple varieties of rice over time. Monitor spreads, assess volatility and determine the most competitive origin for supply.

Our continued attention to fine tuning a methodology and normalisation process, as well as ever expanding participation from the market, ensures our price assessments are increasingly robust and reliable. View our full methodology here.


LRI Reports:

Rice market information delivered in concise and easily digestible reports:

LRI Daily: a concise report of market activity and prices of 35 rice varieties on a daily basis.

LRI Weekly: the flagship report, which provides an in-depth look at all facets of the rice industry covering the price of around 80 varieties of rice.

LRI Monthly: a round-up of news, including a featured article on one of the many challenges facing the rice industry. Monthly high, low and close prices presented for over 80 varieties of rice globally.

LRI Special: Insight and Analysis on a specific rice market or region. Available for separate purchase.

LRI Technical: An investigation into the technical factors affecting rice prices for a specific market.

LRI Fundamental: Bullish Vs Bearish: A look at the short-term and long-term fundamental factors affecting rice prices.


LRI resources at your fingertips with our new cutting-edge, user-friendly website.

The new LRI website adapts to the desktop, tablet or mobile device you are using. So whenever you need rice information you know that our data is there for you to rely upon.



The latest rice news as it breaks:

LRI Wire: The latest breaking news in the rice industry. The LRI Wire collates all relevant rice market information and analytical reports in one place. These are updates and alerts which are investigated and reported by LRI Market Reporters. Coverage includes international tenders and auctions, updates on Government policies and much more.

Aggregated Twitter Newsfeed: Every day we collect and filter the top rice stories from around the world so that you don’t have to. Get the latest rice headlines delivered to your inbox daily or read our news feed on Twitter.


Interactive Timeline: Searchable, customisable and fully interactive, this module is perfect for reviewing the annual rice trade activities in chronological order.

Searchable Content: Our new Search module lets you query our extensive archives to find the latest update or oldest historic record matching your search. NEW: Search by Hashtags!

Harvest schedules: Calendars, Tables and Maps combine to provide comprehensive coverage of rice harvest schedules from around the world.

Statistics: Our ever-improving statistics portal provides both historic and the latest updates from all the relevant agencies. 

Glossary: Our Glossary helps to explain terms used in the rice industry both locally and internationally.